Best of Augusta! #Seasidehomes #Augusta

WA boasts some pretty amazing places and the town of Augusta is sure to be one of them! You'll find Augusta where the Blackwood River emerges into Findlers Bay, close by to Cap Leeuwin. Augusta has some of the most pristine beaches in the world, perfect for surfing, swimming, fishing and diving!

One of the most popular attractions in Augusta is without a doubt Hamelin Bay. This stunning area involves a sweeping bay with small sheltered natural swimming pools, while being surrounded by limestone. In addition, Hamelin Bay is famous for the many shipwrecks in the area, back when the destination was a busy ship mooring station in the late 1980's, the north-western winds exposed 11 ships which now lay at the bottom of the ocean. To follow this trail you'll need a boat and diving qualifications!

But the next best thing of Augusta has to be the notorious Jewel Cave, which is also Western Australia's biggest show cave as it involves four massive chambers. You can get guided tours through the cave daily and is approx. 10 minutes drive from Karridale or Hamelin Bay.

If you're looking for a family stay in this beautiful town, then we suggest you take a look at our 'Sur La Mer' beach house. This stunning holiday home has huge gorgeous views overlloking Findlers Bay and sleeps up to 6 people, making it perfect for small-medium sized families or even 1-2 couples.